Big Storm On The Way Sun-Mon / Snow Lovers Won’t Be Happy With This One

Surface Pressure Forecast

We gave out two different solution tracks in yesterday’s update but now we have a agreement on which one it would be. If you guessed number 1? You are right (sort of). For reference to yesterday’s post –>

Many models have trended with a storm system riding up the Eastern Seaboard thanks to the added ingest from an aircraft last night sampling the atmosphere on the West Coast. This created a big shift in the over track and unfortunately for snow lovers, not in a way that favors Delmarva.

With a low pressure track right over the Peninsula, We will start out with a snow/sleet mix and eventually all locations will be changing over to rain. Delmarva will see that transition fairly quickly but those across the bay on the Maryland Western Shore. They are looking to see a longer duration in the snow & sleet part of the storm thanks to cold air damming along the Appalachian mountains. Eventually they will also change over to rain.

With agreement from the ECMWF, CMC, and the GFS Ensembles following the same path, it’s looking that areas of Delmarva will be going from a extremely cold Saturday to a very chilly rain on Sunday. There is still several days away for this storm to be in the region but its not very often / likely these will trend eastward to favor our snow lovers here on the shore.

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