Snow May Be Returning Thurs-Fri To Delmarva

500MB height and vorticity

If it wasn’t enough after our past major winter storm, more snow is looking to pay a visit once again overnight Thursday into Friday. Now do not start going into a frenzy thinking its going to be repeat with blizzard conditions, crazy thundersnow, and over 1 foot accumulations. This one is a very quick mover riding along the northern jet stream, not from the subtropical jet. So a massive amount of moisture will not be fed in from the Gulf of Mexico.

This storm system will be following a similar path like a clipper system would by riding along the northern jet stream. Ejecting down from the central plains moving due east. At this time this area of low pressure plans to slide just south of the Mid-Atlantic region. (If it didn’t then I would be wasting my time even talking about this) Model guidance has been fairly consistent of the low transferring to the coast near Virginia(Miller B). With the cold air already in place and the help with the current snowpack will help keep surface temperatures lower as well. RGEM/GFS has been the more robust solutions with new accumulations of around 6 inches. While the ECMWF/NAM giving us a nice additional 2-4 inch spread.

Like i mention at this time it does not appear to be a extremely impactful system, but regardless looking to possibility bringing some more of the white stuff later this week. Still have plenty of kinks to work out and to wait for more of the short term model guidance to take a stab at this one going forward.

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