Snowfall Forecast Thursday Night – Friday Morning *Updated*

Current Snowfall Accumulation Forecast

We are not finished with the snow just yet. With a decent snow cover still on the ground to this date, more will be added beginning tomorrow night into the morning hours on Friday. This should not be a significant event like we saw on Monday, but enough to cause some roadway problems going into the Friday morning rush hour.

Risk Analysis Regarding Snow & Travel Over The Next 3 Days

With light to moderate accumulations on the table, there will be an area of sleet especially near Salisbury, Ocean City, and the Pocomoke City regions where temperatures will be flirting with the 32 degree mark. Locations further north will start out between 32 and 34 degrees before dropping down below freezing, once the precipitation arrives. Another instance of Dynamic Cooling will take place. This will be fairly wet snow just like last time, and it should not have a problem sticking to roadways.

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