Great White Shark “Andromache” pings off Delmarva coast

A 10-foot great white shark named “Andromache” has pinged off the Delmarva coast.

OCEARCH tagged the sub-adult shark off the Cape Cod, MA coast in 2020. She was spotted as far south in Florida, but pinged about 60-70 miles off Assateague Island on Tuesday night and appears to be heading north again.

Andromache is not the first white shark to swim by our area, but is a good sign that Spring and warmer water is on the way.

OCEARCH is a non-profit research group that has tagged over 400 sharks to research migration patterns and learn more about sharks and benefits to the environment. The group is also tracking swordfish and sea turtles, which you can track on its website. The group is planning an expedition off the Carolina coast in 2022, with a goal to tag at least five more sharks.

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