Beebe orders employees to receive vaccine by Christmas

Beebe Healthcare will require all staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than Christmas Eve.

The healthcare group made the announcement over the weekend that all staff must be fully vaccinated before December 24, 2021.

All new employees of the healthcare group, with its main location in Lewes, were required to be fully vaccinated upon being hired, while all unvaccinated existing employees were ‘grandfathered’ in and were only required to undergo weekly testing for the time being, that is until now.

The change comes amid a looming federal vaccine mandate that was ordered by the Biden Administration and as many other healthcare groups issue their own versions of a mandate.

Earlier this year, a vaccine mandate that was issued at ChristianaCare, a healthcare system largely operating upstate, led to roughly 150 employees refusing to be vaccinated and quitting as a result.

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