Webinar provides high speed broadband update to Kent, Sussex Counties

Georgetown State Senator Brian Pettyjohn, along with members of the Delaware Department of Technology and Information, held a webinar update on broadband internet access in Sussex and Kent Counties.


According to Jason Clarke with DTI, more than 11,000 homes and businesses lack high speed internet. So on March 17, Comcast, Mediacom and Verizon were awarded a combined $56 million to build infrastructure Methenolone Enanthate for sale to reach every home and business within those rural and underserved areas.



Funding comes from the $110 million ARPA act and CARES relief funding. The build-out timeline is 24 to 48 months out and will also provide broadband services to over 25,000 low-income families, with the goal to create digital equity for all students and schools.



Now Mediacom has come under fire recently, and during the webinar, for its outages in parts of Sussex County recently. Clarke says the company, which is getting $11 million in funding, plans to address the issue.

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