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Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Another High Wind Event On The Way

Although the next storm system is another big one moving through the same areas as the last one, this one will not have that extreme punch like this one will. Still will be a nuisance to say the least.

Strong winds will be a issue once again but thankfully we will NOT see those hurricane force wind gusts like we did but still in the higher end of the advisory category. Winds during the later overnight hours Friday into Saturday morning will gust 40-50 MPH on average but at times could gust 55 or higher especially near the coastlines. Which once again can lead to sporadic power outages and tree damage.

Rainfall will once again will be a problem but not a extreme problem. A lot less rain is expected with this storm. Most areas will see upwards to a inch of rain but with saturated grounds, sporadic flooding is possible.

Coastal Flooding will be a issue yet again with the New Moon still in play creating higher than normal tide cycles. At this time most tidal gauge forecasts are showing minor to moderate levels of tidal flooding Friday Night. Main flooding concerns will once again be in the Chesapeake and the mouth of the Delaware River.

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