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Powerful Storm System Aims For Delmarva Tuesday Into Wednesday

Buckle up ladies and gentleman, tomorrow is going to be a very bumpy ride for us. Flooding rainfall, significant coastal flooding, and a serious high wind threat. And all of this begins during the afternoon hours Tuesday.

Now we have been dealing with flooding since last month but what has me the most concerned is the absurd strength of these winds moving in tomorrow. A intense pressure gradient from a rapidly deepening surface low and strong high pressure system will generate a scenario of very intense winds. Strengthening of the low level winds in the low level jet-stream is some of the strongest I have seen for this region. Winds at 850-925mb level (<5000ft) screaming at 80-100 kts (92-115mph) is on the extreme end of likes I have not seen before. Now granted as we head down to the surface we are looking at reductions due to mixing but these winds are going to be fierce and nothing to play around with. My biggest concerns are for the southern and central portions of Delmarva where I believe we have a great shot of hitting hurricane force winds gusts at or exceeding 74 mph where the High Wind products are in place. Many locations will be seeing winds gusting 60 mph or greater at times. Power outages, downed trees, structural damage are all possible with these kinds of winds.

Of course more flooding concerns for the region with the extremely saturated grounds from last months dump of 10-12 inches of rainfall. Another 2-4 inches are possible prompting a MDT risk from the WPC on excessive rainfall through the western shore of Maryland and northern Delmarva. Flood watches are in place in response to the heavy amounts of rainfall.

Moderate to Major Flood Stage is expected across the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Delaware Bay with the upcoming high cycles Tuesday Night and Wednesday. Some of which forecasts at certain tidal gauges could hit record levels! Atlantic coastal regions even though will have extremely large swell, winds will be parallel to the coast to keep tide levels down but will be funneling in significantly through the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay regions. Those who live near these water ways, make preparations to evacuate or seek higher ground if flood waters becoming inundating in your areas. Also make preparations to help protect your property from flood waters.

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