Update to gun control measures, mail-in ballots in the Delaware Legislature

Three gun control measures are heading to the Governor’s desk after getting pushed through the legislative process this week. One measure would set a cap to magazine size and ban anything over 17 rounds while creating a buy-back program. Penalties were also increased for possession of illegal magazine sizes. House Bill 450 would ban the sale of assault rifles in the state, while House Bill 423 would strengthen background checks.

The measures are drawing criticism from Republicans for how the bills circumvent the State’s Constitution. We spoke to the President of Delaware Sports Shooters Association, Jeff Hague, who says they plan to sue the state once it’s signed.

The Governor is signaling support for these measures and could likely sign into law this weekend.

Meanwhile, a bill that would allow for mail-in ballots has passed the Delaware Senate and now heads to the House for consideration.

Senate Bill 320 would allow for Delawareans to vote with a mail-in ballot but would have to request a ballot. If signed into law, which also could happen over the weekend, would go into effect July 1st.

In a last-ditch effort, Republican State Senator Colin Bonini made several attempts to change the effect date to 2024, but was voted down. However, the Senate voted on an amendment by Bonini to require electors to  provide a State-issued driver’s license number or State-issued nondriver identification card number or the last 4 digits of their social security number on the application to vote by mail ballot and on the ballot envelope.

The bill passed by a 13-8 margin.

This is a working story. TV Delmarva will provide updates and these bills progress.

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