University of Delaware Releases Fall 2022 COVID 19 Guidelines

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The University of Delaware released it’s “Fall 2022 Covid 19 Guidelines” which includes a masking requirement for the first two weeks of the semester. Information found on UD’s Campus Guidelines webpage states “The University will be requiring face masks to be worn in all classrooms, research laboratories, and all UD transportation for the first two weeks of the semester, from August 30 through September 9, 2022. The intent of this measure is to help reduce the transmission of COVID associated with the rapid density increase on campus, while preserving as much academic continuity as possible. Masks continue to be required in all healthcare and clinical spaces, as well as the childrens’ campus.  Instructors and presenters may remove their masks during active instructrion or presenting if they are more than six feet away from others.”

Up to date vaccination requirements for students are still in effect, while UD faculty and staff are only “highly encouraged to do so, as well.” The University will host a COVID-19 vaccine/booster clinic Friday, Sept. 9, in Pencader Dining Hall. Students may request an exemption to these requirements through the UD Health Portal. According to the website, students who have an approved exemption from 2021-22 do not have to submit a new request for 2022-23.

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