Thieves steal parts from buses at Frederica Senior Center

Surveillance Footage – Frederica Senior Center

Police are investigating after the Frederica Senior Center, for the second time, had parts stolen from their buses.

The senior center shared surveillance footage of the incident Monday which shows see thieves pulling up to the buses and then manipulating their way under the vehicles to steal catalytic converters.

TV Delmarva’s Rob Petree spoke with the center’s executive director, Renee Hoffman who said it’s a shame that someone would do something like this to senior citizens.

“I immediately called 911 and got an officer to come out here, went back and reviewed the video surveillance and we seen two suspects, two white males, one large and one small, parked in a Chevrolet car behind the bus, and you can see them with a flashlight under the bus cutting off the catalytic converter,” Hoffman explained. “The problem is these seniors depend on our transportation to come here to the center because a lot of times this is the only meal they get during the day, and it’s imperative we get them fed, socialized, and it’s just a shame somebody would do that to a senior.”

Several months ago, the very same theft occurred at the center, which has staff frustrated because the suspects in that case were never found and then months later they’re hit again.

Anyone with any information on the identity of the suspects involved are urged to contact police.

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