Stormy End To The Month Going Into The Thanksgiving Holiday

500MB Pattern For Nov 24th From The ECMWF ENS

We are looking at quite a stormy end to the month of November with the famous ” Greenland Block ” on the horizon. Higher than normal 500mb heights are showing up around the Greenland region which helps slow down the overall pattern across the lower 48.

First off we will have a clipper system that dives in across the Great Lakes to set the stage for a potential larger system behind this one. This will bring some snowy showers across the Lakes and rain for much of the Mid-Atlantic and Interior Northeast.

500MB Pattern For Monday November 29th ECMWF ENS

Between the 24th-29th, Models have been hinting at a more robust storm system to enter in across the Ohio Valley with a stronger block established south of Greenland. In correlation with the latest NAO teleconnection forecasts, It makes good sense with a fairly negative signal showing that blocking pattern quite well near Greenland. Make sure to keep in touch with the latest forecast for potential travel delays during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Negative NAO In Correlation With The Greenland Block From The 21st Through The 27th

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