State Auditor rejects calls to resign, proclaims innocence

Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness is firing back after Democratic leaders in Dover called for her to take a leave of absence in the wake of her indictment.

Through her attorney, McGuiness issued a statement Thursday proclaiming her innocence and rejecting calls for her to resign or step down.

Kathy McGuiness

“Kathy McGuiness vigorously proclaims her innocence and denies the charges against her. She firmly rejects the calls for her resignation or leave of absence and will continue to do the job that she was elected to do,” her attorney said in a statement.

In the statement, McGuiness’ attorney also lambasted the charges, saying “Ms. McGuiness reminds the General Assembly that the Grand Jury’s indictment, like all Grand Jury indictments, was based upon a one-sided presentation from witnesses and documents selected by the Attorney General.”

McGuiness’ lawyers were not permitted to attend the Grand Jury proceedings.

Senate leadership issued a statement earlier this week, saying “today we urge Auditor McGuiness to place the public’s interests ahead of her own. At a minimum, she should take a voluntary leave of absence while the Department of Justice’s investigation is ongoing and while the Delaware State Senate considers its own Constitutional obligations in this matter.”

Democratic House leaders also called on McGuiness to step down temporarily, saying they are “concerned that the ongoing investigation and her legal defense will make it increasingly difficult for the auditor to effectively run an agency that is the watchdog of public funds.”

McGuiness was charged by a grand jury Monday with fraud, nepotism, and official misconduct. Through her attorney, she has denied any and all wrongdoing and stated that she has no plans to step down and instead intends to focus on the job she was elected to do.

If convicted, McGuiness faces up to 13 years in prison.

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