Some Immigrants See Hope In Biden Administration Policies

Remington Hernandez

In his first hours as president, Joe Biden will aim to strike at the heart of President Donald Trump’s policy legacy.

Aides say Biden on Wednesday plans to sign a series of executive actions that will reverse his predecessor’s orders on a variety of issues including immigration.

The Biden administration’s expected softer line on immigration is the reason why some immigrant workers stopped into the Worker’s Justice Project’s offices in Brooklyn, New York, to watch Biden’s inauguration speech.

Ligia Guallpa, the executive director of the nonprofit, said the people her organization sees Biden’s inauguration as the end of four “painful” years under Donald Trump.

Gustavo Ajche, an immigrant from Guatemala, said he is hopeful that the Biden administration will provide an opportunity for immigrants to work towards a green card and citizenship, but said he thinks it will be a “long road.”

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