Shark Week blimp spotted in Delaware, Maryland

Image: Hunter Outten

If you’re at the beach this week, a good chance you will see a giant floating shark in the sky!


The East Shark blimp is in our area to promote Shark Week on the Discover Channel, starting July 24. The 128-foot long blimp is scheduled to travel along the east coast until July 30, where it is competing against a West Coast blimp just like with with a hashtag social media battle.


The blimp was in Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and Ocean City, Maryland yesterday for the 4th of July. It is scheduled to be in Ocean City today and will make a return to the area on July 24, and Ocean City once again on July 25.


Currently, East Coast Shark is beating West Coast Shark. You can share your shark blimp sightings with the hashtag #eastcoastshark.

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