Newark Woman Claims Two Six-Figure Instant Game Prizes In A Single Day

Dover, DE — According to the Delaware Lottery’s Website, a 70-year-old woman from Newark, who wished to remain anonymous, was thrilled to discover she was a $100,000 winner after scratching two $100K ULTIMATE CASH Instant Game ticket she purchased from Speedy Gas in Newark. After about a week, she visited Lottery Headquarters to claim her top prize, saying that it was her biggest win since she began playing the Delaware Lottery seven years ago.

But the woman’s lucky day wasn’t over just yet. On her way home, she decided to celebrate by purchasing three SERIOUS MONEY tickets from N. Dover Tiger Mart in Dover. Amazingly, one of the tickets turned out to be a $300,000 top prize winner.

“My best friend was the first person I told about winning the $100,000 top prize, and she came with me to claim it,” the woman said. “When I scratched the $300,000 winning SERIOUS MONEY ticket later in the day, we just sat there in disbelief. It was absolute insanity.”

The pair soon returned to Lottery Headquarters to claim the woman’s $300,000 top prize, making her total winnings for the day $400,000, and October 20, 2022 a day she won’t soon forget.

The woman said she plans to put most of the prize money into her retirement fund. When asked if there was anything else she wanted to share about her win, the woman said, “Just that I love scratching Instant Game tickets!”

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