Missing Lewes man located following months of speculation, controversy

Woody Dickerson, of Lewes, DE – Delaware State Police Dept.

Woody Dickerson, a Lewes man who went missing back in October, has been found following months of speculation and controversy surrounding his disappearance.

Delaware State Police canceled the Gold Alert Wednesday evening that was issued for Woody after his wife, Trish Dickerson reported him missing back on October 7 after he reportedly left her a letter saying his goodbyes.

Following multiple interviews with local media, including TV Delmarva, pleading for her husband’s return and the public’s help to find him, Trish Dickerson created a Facebook page to help get the word out and rally support to find her husband.

On the morning of Friday, November 12, TV Delmarva News received a concerning letter from a neighbor of a relative of Dickerson’s who claimed to have spotted Woody standing up against the house just next door. The neighbor took a photo and called Trish.

When I called Trish, I explained that I lived on Thomas Street and believed to be looking at her husband at that very moment. This is when she mentioned that she was currently there standing in front of the home and she asked where I saw him,” the letter read. “I explained to her that if she walked a few feet to the left and looked on the side of the home, she would find him standing there. I heard Trish exclaim¬†“OMG Woody!”¬†and then she hung up the phone. I then saw her engage with him but then she began walking toward the back yard and he followed but walked out of sight behind the home.

We reached out to Trish at the time who denied the neighbor’s allegations and would not comment on the photo that appeared to show her husband. Through a text message, she did however admit to having made contact with her husband via voicemail, which directly contradicts a status she made on the page created to help find her husband.

“Well I received a call on that Monday,” Trish wrote. “Nothing since. Said he was leaving this world and wanted to say his final goodbyes. I am devastated because I still can’t find him.”

As we pressed further, Trish Dickerson grew frustrated and claimed we were “stalking” her, at which point she blocked our reporter and ended up deleting the page she created to find her husband, who at that point was still missing.

“Almost a month of not seeing you or hearing your voice,” Trish wrote on November 2nd, a day after a neighbor allegedly spotted Woody next door.

TV Delmarva News has reached out to Delaware State Police for more details regarding the circumstances in which Woody was found. We are currently awaiting a response.

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