Millsboro Mayor resigns under suspicious circumstances

Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt – Millsboro Police Dept.

Mayor of Millsboro, Michelle Truitt has resigned under what appears to be suspicious circumstances.

The Mayor’s resignation came as a surprise this week, but the Town of Millsboro is not saying why she chose to resign, only that it was her choice.

Town Manager Sheldon Hudson was quoted in Coastal Point, saying “we chose to be discreet” and that “this is a delicate situation.” Hudson continued, emphasizing that there was no meetings held, open or closed, to discuss her resignation and, interestingly enough, he told the paper that the Town would not be pursuing legal action against Truitt.

TV Delmarva News reached out to Hudson directly, asking why the town had to be discreet and what the reasoning was for the Mayor’s resignation?

“Because the resignation was voluntary, the Town wanted to allow Michelle Truitt to be the one to explain her reasoning, as any information the Town could provide would be speculative or secondhand,” Hudson wrote. “As you know, Millsboro has always been very transparent; there’s just simply nothing more the Town can responsibly say other than Michelle worked hard while she served as Council President and the Town wishes her well.”

Multiple attempts to reach Truitt were unsuccessful and she has yet to respond to a request for comment.

Truitt was appointed mayor back in 2019, succeeding former mayor John Thoroughgood, who currently serves on the Millsboro Town Council.

As of this time there is still no official word as to why she resigned.

Councilman Tim Hodges is set to take over as Mayor at the Town’s next meeting scheduled for Monday, Dec. 6, 2021.

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