Millsboro Man Arrested After Displaying What Appeared to be a Firearm

Teliam J. Austin, 20, of Millsboro, Del. was arrested Saturday afternoon after displaying what appeared to be a firearm to employees of Claws Seafood House while demanding a bushel of crabs.

On Saturday, July 2nd just before 3:00pm, Austin approached three female employees of Claws Seafood House, located in the second block of Rehoboth Avenue, and asked for a free bushel of crabs. One of the female employees was familiar with Austin as he had done this in the past; however, on this occasion Austin lifted his shirt displaying what appeared to be the handle of a firearm in his waistband while demanding the crabs. Nothing was given to Austin and he walked away laughing; however, the victims were left in fear of injury believing that the firearm was real. Police were able to later locate and identify Austin at which time they located in his front waistband a black and red “splat gun”, which is made to resemble a pistol.

No injuries resulted from the incident and no property was taken.

Austin was charged with three felony counts of aggravated menacing.

Austin has since pled guilty to a lesser offense of misdemeanor menacing in the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas receiving probation before judgement and fines.

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