Milford business signage goes viral

Signage posted on E.K.A Jeweler’s door in Milford (Facebook)

A Milford jewelry shop has gone viral after signage was shared on a local Facebook group yesterday.


The picture was taken by a resident and posted to the Milford DE Locals Group with the caption “Fascism, courtesy of the brown shirts, is growing right here in little old Milford…” The pictures show signage at E.K.A Jewelers on North DuPont Blvd which reads “Read before entering: If you support President Biden, Governor Carney, or are a Woke Liberal Democrat (Communist), We Do Not Want Your business!! Go Away!! Shop Elsewhere!!”. It ends with a hashtag.


TV Delmarva spoke to Robert Addonizio, who is the owner of E.K.A Jewelers for 32 years. He did not want to be recorded, but told us that the sign was his first amendment right and it went up in response to several gun bills in the Delaware legislature that are “trampling the constitution”. Addonizio says he’s mainly received support for the signage, but he’s also received threats since the sign has gone viral, which has forced “his girls” to not come in. He also tells us that he received calls from people claiming to be Black Lives Matter who called him racist and questioned him on the signs.


That is not what my father or uncle fought for in World War II”, Addonizio tells us. “The signs have nothing to do with that”.


TV Delmarva shared the Milford Locals post to Mr. Addonizio, to which he says “brown shirts take your right away, so that don’t make sense. I don’t get it”.


We reached out to the person who posted the now viral photos, but we have not received a response. While reaction to the post was mixed, admins of the page were forced to turn comments off.


It’s a shame that folks can’t just disagree respectfully but such is life these days”, an admin says.

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  1. He has the right to say what he wants. It is his business and he can run it the way he wants to. For now we still have rights

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