Massive manhunt underway in New York after attack on subway

A massive manhunt is underway after a suspect opens fire in an underground subway station this morning in Brooklyn.


Footage of the attack was posted to Instagram, some of it too gruesome to show. As of this report, the NYPD and Fire Department says 13 people have been injured in the attack at the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park.


Several witnesses on Instagram and other social media sites reported that a suspect wearing what appeared to be an MTA uniform and gas mask threw smoke bombs on the train and opened fire.


All trains were halted as law enforcement sweep them for possible explosives and search for the suspect.


UPDATE: In a press conference, law enforcement officials say 16 people were injured. 10 people were treated for gunshot wounds, 5 of those are in critical but stable condition. 


This is a very fluid and developing story. Stay tuned to TV Delmarva and NewsNet for additional updates as they come.

Screenshot of the aftermath of a Brooklyn subway attack, posted on Instagram by user @angry_yeti.

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