Lewes bus stop nominated for “America’s Best”

The Lewes Transit Center is a nominee for “America’s Best Bus Stop”, and is now looking for your vote.

In the spirit of this year’s NCAA tournament, StreetBlog is holding a single-elimination tournament to crown the best bus station in the nation.

“The Lewes transit center, which does, indeed, run peak service during the summer months to get families to the seaside without clogging up area roads, pretty much fits that description — and if your idea of a great bus stop is one that expands shared transportation to more people without skimping on the amenities, this might be your pick,” StreetBlog says about the center.

Voting will open up soon for the first-round, which will send one bus stop to the finals. The Lewes Transit Center faces fierce competition with Cambridge, Massachusetts and Mississauga, Ontario. You can vote and view results here.

Construction on the transit center first began in 2016 and was operational in 2017. It was part of Dart First State’s initiative to provide better public transportation and transit center hubs across the state.

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