Kim Petters officially files to run for State Senate

Delaware veteran and parents rights advocate Kim Petters has officially filed to run for State Senate.

Petters has been a champion for parental rights in the First State, standing up to the government establishment on a host of issues. TV Delmarva got a chance to sit down with Petters on Tuesday morning right after she filed to run for the Republican nomination to represent the 16th Senate District.

“I’m excited,” Petters said enthusiastically while sitting outside the elections office in Dover after she filed to run. “It’s time for a change! It’s time for fresh, new, innovative ideas, and I have solutions to bring to the table.”

Petters, an Iraqi war veteran, spoke about her time serving the country and what led to her decision to run for a seat in the Delaware General Assembly.

“I’m a retired military veteran, I served our country and fought during Iraqi Freedom,” Petters explained. “I am a mother to four beautiful children across the Caesar Rodney School District. I have been a voice for veterans, I have spoken out against unconstitutional gun laws. I am also the President of our state’s largest, most active women’s second amendment supporting group, and that barely scratches the surface, and I’m ready, it’s time for fresh, new blood.”

Petters is both the founder and President of the State’s largest and most active women’s 2nd amendment group, the Women’s Defense Coalition.

“People should support me because I’m not just another career politician, I am one of you,” Petters emphasized. “I am among this community, living this life, and my children actually do attend these schools. I understand what it’s like to be a middle-class Delawarean and I am here to help you.”

Petters is running against incumbent Senator Colin Bonini, this marks the first time anyone has ever primaried him in a Senate race.

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