It’s Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together – Holiday Safety Tips

The Delaware State Police hopes everyone will have the safest and hap-hap-happiest Christmas and holiday season this year. Before families kick off their fun, old-fashioned family adventure by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape, Troopers are unwrapping a gift of safety tips with a sprinkle of wordplay.  As we navigate through the twinkling lights and festive delights, let’s keep safety at the top of our wish list.

  1. Plan Your Trip – No Grinches Allowed: Before hitting the road, map out your journey. It’s not just a roadmap; it’s your holiday GPS to ensure you don’t end up ‘Lost in New York.’  Happy trails, Hans! Yippee-ki-yay!
  2. Car Love – Give Your Sleigh a Little TLC: Make sure your ride is more than just ‘not a bad little car.’ Check all fluid levels and tire pressure, and don’t forget the spare tire. It’s not a bad little car. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.
  3. Weather Check – Don’t Let Weather Snow on Your Parade: Look into road and weather conditions to ensure your car can handle them. After all, we wouldn’t want you ‘stranded like a lonely Christmas tree.’
  4. Home Sweet Home Security – Light up the Night: Lock doors, set the alarm, and put those ‘fragile’ leg lamps and lights on timers. It’s not just home security; it’s ‘Grinch-repellent.’
  5. Phone Down, Sleigh Up – No Texting While Sleighing: Don’t let a screen light guide your sleigh tonight. Distracted driving is naughtier than the Grinch!
  6. Pit Stop Pleasantries – Pudding and Roast Beast Approved: Take breaks, stretch, and maybe snack on some pudding or some carved roast beast.
  7. Rest Stop Rudiments – Don’t Let Kevin Go Solo: If you stop at a rest stop, park in a well-lit area, stay with your children, and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t let ‘Kevin’ wander on his own.
  8. Deck the Halls, Not Your Car: When your car is parked, lock the doors and don’t leave any valuables or gifts in sight. The Grinch may be lurking, staring down from his cave with a sour grinchy frown, at the warm lighted windows below in the town.
  9. Ovaltine Over Eggnog – Stay off the Naughty List: Don’t drive impaired. If you’ve been ‘sipping’ on holiday cheer, call a friend, family member, or ride-sharing service. Instead of eggnog, go for Ovaltine!
  10. Social Media Silence – Foil Harry and Mary: Avoid updating your location on social media. Harry and Marv will know when no one is home, and they may try to break in. Save those photo dumps for when you return!
  11. Channel your inner ‘Elf’ on the road: When traffic gets ‘Griswold ‘-y, remember to stay as patient as Santa’s elves and be as flexible as Buddy’s spaghetti recipe!

Ensuring that all these points are checked can prevent a family trip from being jeopardized. The “obvious” things can be easily overlooked – wouldn’t it be silly for someone to check thousands of tiny little lights only to see that the extension cord wasn’t plugged in?

And when it comes to safety, there’s always time to double-check. Even if you still have to brush your teeth, feed the hog, have some homework to do, and still have those bills to pay – make the time! This isn’t charity – it’s family.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific – travel safely and enjoy the holiday season!

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