It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like… September?

Climate Prediction Center 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

We are getting ready for the lower 48 to experience not so December like weather for the middle of December.. According to the Climate Prediction Center, a very large expanse of a strong high pressure ridge will allow Well Above Normal Temperatures in the 6-14 day time frame. (12th-20th).

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook From The Climate Prediction Center

Trust me it does not get any better for those looking for snow in the 8-14 day map as well through the 20th. The high pressure ridge expands more and Delmarva is in the 80-90th percentile of Well Above Average Temperatures by that time. For those looking for a white Christmas this year, the odds are definitely not in our favor.

GFS 500MB Wind & Height

With a powerful high pressure ridge across the country, this pushes the Jetstream well into Canada keeping the cold air locked up north. This is a direct result of the current La Nina in place. The only place in the country that will see near or below average temperatures is on the West Coast. They can always use the rain.

MJO Forecast For The Rest Of The Month

For those snow lovers here on Delmarva, you will have to be a little patient after the Christmas holiday for some snow chances. A common tool I use for long range forecasting the MJO (Madden-Julian Oscillation) The Madden-Julian Oscillation is characterized by an eastward spread of large regions of enhanced and suppressed tropical rainfall, mainly observed over the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Why does this matter?

The MJO is one of the major contributors to the global weather pattern across North America. With forecasted phases going into 7,8, and possibility 1 by the New Year is a indication that colder and stormier weather is on the way for the eastern half of the nation.

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