Immigrant Farm Workers Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Alfredo Cuadros


Up to 300 immigrant farmworkers received a covid-19 vaccine in California in an effort to ensure the critical workforce in the food supply is protected.

The workers took time off from picking produce at Tudor Ranch in the farming community of Mecca, California.

The vaccination effort comes as California officials struggle to meet the challenge of vaccinating all those awaiting the shot, including millions of people 65 and older.

Executive Director Luz Gallegos for a farmworker group known as Training Occupational Development Educating Communities says the farmworker community is a tough community to vaccinate due to myths and misinformation. 

“So we started 3 months ago with our community education going to the fields. Talking to the workers, letting them know what the vaccine was,” said Gallegos, “Debunking the myths because our community was saying- they continue hearing about a chip that the Trump administration is putting in the vaccine so they can know where they’re at, so they can go and deport them.”

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