House to Vote on Removing Representative Green’s Committee Assignments

Alfredo Cuadros


The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on the future of Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green and whether or not she can keep her committee assignments.

The congresswoman has drawn criticism for her past endorsement of racist and conspiratorial views, including posts that endorsed the Q-Anon theories.

She is also accused of suggesting that school shootings in Florida and Connecticut were hoaxes.

This Wednesday, Representatives spoke on their take on the issue. 

Rep. Jim McGovern, (D) Massachusetts: “And let’s be clear, this is not a debate about a difference in policy or even ideology. It is about what she said. It, quite frankly, diminishes not only her office, but this entire institution, and we must act. There must be accountability.”

Rep. Tom Cole, (R) Oklahoma: “However, the action the majority is taking today raises questions that have nothing to do with Congresswoman Greene, but concern the institution as a whole, which is why I feel that this hearing is premature and should instead first be adjudicated by the Ethics Committee.”

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