FTC to Hold Virtual Informal Hearing on April 24, 2024 As Part of its Review of the Proposed Rule Prohibiting Junk Fees

The Federal Trade Commission will hold a virtual informal hearing on April 24, 2024, on its proposed Rule on Unfair or Deceptive Fees, commonly known as junk fees. During the hearing, which will be open to the public and viewable on the FTC’s website, interested organizations will have the opportunity to provide oral statements.

On October 11, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission announced a proposed rule to prohibit junk fees. The proposed rule would ban businesses from running up the bills with hidden and bogus fees, ensure consumers know exactly how much they are paying and what they are getting, and help spur companies to compete on offering the lowest price. Businesses would have to include all mandatory fees when telling consumers a price, making it easier for consumers to comparison shop for the lowest price.

In response to the proposed rulemaking, 17 commenters requested to present their positions at an informal hearing. The Federal Register notice states that these entities will be entitled to make oral presentations at the informal hearing on April 24, 2024. Oral statements at the event will be limited to 15 minutes each. These organizations, however, may also submit written documents to the FTC within 14 days after publication of the notice in the Federal Register. Submission instructions are included in the notice. All submissions will be placed on the public record.

The informal hearing will be conducted virtually, starting at 10 a.m. ET, and Administrative Law Judge Jay L. Himes has been appointed to preside over the event. The link to the hearing webcast will be posted shortly before the date of the event on the FTC’s website.

The Commission vote approving publication of the notice was 3-0.

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