Florida Governor Points To Florida Statistics When Asserting Lockdowns & School Closings Don’t Work

Christina Aguayo

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Governor Ron DeSantis out of Florida has asserted that lockdowns do not work. The Governor pointing to statistics in Florida, saying that even though they have the countries most vulnerable population, Florida has the lowest death per capita for Coronavirus.

DeSantis asserts that shutting down schools and businesses only hurt the community and the children saying that he has not mandated masks or lockdowns and his state is thriving because of his decision.

“We have schools open, we have businesses open. They single out the restaurant industry, our restaurants are open they are up and running. People are coming in, and yet no lockdowns no mandates.” DeSantis Said

“Florida despite having the most vulnerable population to Covid in the United States, we are less than the national average in per capita mortality when it comes to Coronavirus. 25 other states almost all lockdown states, have higher per capita mortality than Florida. The lockdowns don’t work. L.A county in the last 6 weeks has higher cases on a daily basis and hospitalizations than the entire state of Florida does and we are 22 million people. So you have one county that has the most draconian restrictions and yet the county does worse than a state that is completely open. I don’t know that the experts will ever admit the lockdowns don’t work, I know the media won’t ever admit it, but the fact is that we are at the point now that you cannot say this is a good policy [lockdowns] unless you toss out all the data. We are open, we are free and we are better off because of it.”

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