FDA approves second COVID-19 booster shot

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized a second COVID-19 booster shot of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine for people ages 50 and up, and have received the previous booster at least four months prior.

The move comes while a variant of the omicron strain continues to spread in Europe and is found in the United States. However, states are reporting far lower numbers of infected individuals when compared to the winter spike in December and January.

During that winter wave that was blamed on the omicron variant, the CDC reports that the two-dose vaccine was roughly 80% effective against hospitalization. The booster pushed that number to 94%.

Previously, the FDA recommended a fourth vaccine for people 12 and up with underlying health issues and a weakened immune system. The new recommendations extend the booster to millions more.

According to the CDC, who is expected to act on the latest recommendation, over two thirds of Americans are fully vaccinated. Half of those have neglected to get the first booster shot.

The Delaware Division of Public Health reports today that 94% of the population 18 and over are fully vaccinated. Only 67% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

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