EXCLUSIVE | Millsboro Middle School bus driver caught on video cursing, screaming at students

A Sussex County school bus driver is in hot water after video surfaced showing her screaming and cursing at students from Millsboro Middle School.

The exclusive video, which we had to edit due to the level of expletives, shows the bus driver screaming and dropping numerous f-bombs at students from Millsboro Middle School.

“Goodbye! I’m getting off the f***ing bus!,” the driver can be heard yelling at students. “I can’t f****ing handle all you dumb asses acting like f***ing fools.” The driver, who has not been identified by district officials, continued to scream in frustration and argue with students. “You don’t f***ing listen!,” she screamed. “You don’t do anything that I ask you to do or tell you to do. Do you understand me?!!! I’m not sitting on this f***ing bus!”

Emily Saxton, an eighth grader at Millsboro Middle, was aboard the bus and recorded the incident. She says she was shocked as she witnessed her bus driver pull the bus over and begin to have a mental breakdown.

“Everyone was being loud and like it’s an everyday problem,” Emily explained. “She probably just got fed up with like everything and just like went off.”

Emily’s mother, Kelly Saxton, said she understands that being a bus driver is not an easy job, but there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior.

“I think I watched it in complete shock and horror,” Kelly said. “You have to understand that yes, the kids misbehave on that bus, they’re loud, there’s a couple particular kids that just are extremely over the top that I know I couldn’t even deal with, but I honestly think she should be let go from her job. I don’t think it suits her.”

TV Delmarva’s Rob Petree reached out to the Indian River School District who issued the following statement:

“The school district is aware of a bus incident that occurred on Friday, October 22nd involving a contracted bus driver transporting students’ home from Millsboro Middle School. Parents were notified of the incident by the school principal. This incident is currently under investigation with district officials and the bus contractor.”

TV Delmarva News has also reached out to the bussing contractor, Johnson Transportation, who have yet to respond to a request for comment.

You can view the full video report on our Facebook page, @TVDelmarva

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