EXCLUSIVE | Laurel woman’s car broken into, late brother’s necklace stolen

A Laurel woman is speaking out after her car was broken into and her late brother’s necklace was stolen.

Angel Oliver says her heart dropped when she woke up Tuesday morning and learned that a man had broke into her car the night before and stole a gold necklace that belonged to her brother who passed away seven years ago.

“The morning after it happened, I got on Facebook,” Angel said. “My neighbor had posted a video about a man that was trying to get into his car and he said for all the neighbors to check their cameras. I checked the front cameras, and sure enough, 12:45, got a hit, watched the video and there’s a man who walks right up to my car and opens the drivers door and gets into my car. And you can see him going through stuff in my car.”

Angel said as soon as she saw what happened on her surveillance video, she realized that she had left her late brother’s gold necklace in a cup holder inside her vehicle. Fighting back tears, she explained to us what the necklace means to her and her family.

“He’s [Angel’s late brother] been gone seven years and I never take it off,” Angel explained. “I take it off to get in the shower, or if I’m doing something where I don’t want to break it, I take it with me, it just happened to be in the car the one time I forgot to lock my car, I always lock my car, always.”

The necklace is the only thing left that Angel has of her late brother. She pleaded with the suspect directly, hoping he see’s the interview, urging him to return it, vowing not to pursue anything any further if he just returns the necklace.

“That’s the only thing I have from him,” Angel stressed. “I just want, if you can just leave it somewhere, I won’t show your face, I won’t show anything, I won’t pursue this anymore, but I’m going to continue to pursue this until I find you, to at least find out what you did with it to see if I can get it back, but no questions asked if you return this to me I won’t pursue this anymore. I just want the necklace.”

The same suspect, who appears to have been carrying a backup at the time of the incident, was also caught on another resident’s camera, just a few houses down on 6th street in Laurel.

Laurel Police are aware of the incident and are investigating.

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