EXCLUSIVE | Delaware State Senator Paradee under fire for response to colleague’s arrest, charges

It’s been almost two months since the arrest of Delaware State Senator Darius Brown.

Senator Brown was arrested on May 18 and charged with Offensive Touching and Disorderly Conduct after he punched a woman and threw a glass of water at a restaurant in New Castle.

There has been little to no response at all from lawmakers at Legislative Hall following his arrest. This silence prompted a constituent in Dover, Seth Greenberg, to question State Senator Trey Paradee, who refused to answer why he has not spoken out about his colleagues charges.

TV Delmarva’s Rob Petree reached out to see if Sen. Paradee would answer the question and address his colleague’s alleged actions.

Sen. Paradee responded, saying “It was July 4th. I was trying to enjoy myself. Honestly, I was disgusted that those people wanted to get political on our Nation’s most sacred holiday.” Keep in mind, the Senator was wearing a name tag during the event that displayed the fact that he was a State Senator along with a campaign banner that was draped over his dog.

Paradee went on to say “Of course, I do not condone domestic violence, and, if Senator Brown is guilty of what he has been accused of, he needs to leave the Senate. Back to my pool party.”

We posted the Senator’s comments on social media, sharing it with those who questioned him at the event but got no answer, which prompted Sen. Paradee to send this text the following morning attacking my journalistic integrity, saying “Funny….for some reason I was under the impression that you were an actual journalist.”

We reached out to Senate President Dave Sokola who said that Senate leadership is currently waiting on evidence, specifically a surveillance video that is currently in the custody of Delaware State Police. TV Delmarva News have issued a FOIA request for the surveillance footage.

Sen. Sokola went on to make it clear that he does not have the power to remove Sen. Brown, and for that to happen a two thirds majority vote would have to take place in the Senate, which could only happen following an ethics investigation.

Sen. Sokola did say that an ethics investigation could be underway in September, but that it would fall under the ethics chair, Sen. Lockman, and that the evidence surrounding the incident, specifically the video, would have to be reviewed prior to launching such an investigation.

Senator Brown has since been removed from his role in the Judiciary Committee.

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