EXCLUSIVE | “Charlie just come home” Dover woman pleads for husband to return

Jamie Clark and her husband Charles

A Dover woman is speaking out, pleading for her husband to come back home after he left over a week ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

What was initially perceived as a spat became much more, according to Jamie Clark who reached out to our news department and tells us that her husband, Charles stormed out and left their house on the evening of Wednesday, April 13 after the two got into a dispute over feeding their 9-month-old twins.

“He walked out of the house Wednesday night,” Jamie explained. “We got into a little disagreement, ya know, about babies, babies didn’t want to eat for him, typical married stuff. He stormed out and he pulled into the driveway Thursday morning first thing. He was drunk, he does have a drinking problem, he did a stint in DBH [Dover Behavioral Health Facility] back years before we got together, either 2014 or 2015, and while there he was diagnosed as bipolar disorder.”

After he pulled into the driveway on the morning of Thursday, April 14, Jamie says her husband stated that he was going to get something to eat at Waffle House, and then he left. She has not seen or heard from him since and worries for his safety.

“He said he was going to Waffle House and he’ll be back,” Jamie said. “He turned his phone off and nobody ever heard from him since. He turned his phone off and nobody ever heard from his since. Everybody has tried calling him, straight to voicemail, I can’t ping the phone, he’s on my cellphone account.”

Jamie says she reached out to Dover Police who investigated and learned that her husband was at the Days Inn where he reportedly checked out the Friday morning before Easter. Since he left voluntarily, police have not yet issued a Gold Alert, according to Jamie who went on to tell us of a message her husband sent to some friends before he left that said “the worst is yet to come.”

“He sent out a message to a bunch of his close friends Wednesday night,” Jamie said. “The message wasn’t released right away, it wasn’t until his parents started reaching out to his friends. In the message, it was just a bunch of rambling, but you could tell he was drunk, and in the message it specifically said ‘the worst is yet to come.’ So, to me, with him being back to drinking heavily like he did years and years prior, and with a bipolar disorder, that to me is very alarming and very frightening. Again, nobody has heard from him.”

Fighting back tears, Jamie begged for her husband to return home.

“Charlie, just come home for the kids,” Jamie stressed. “The babies know you’re gone, they miss you, the girls know you’re gone, they miss you, pick up the phone and call somebody. You need to come home. If you don’t want to call me, call your parents, call your sister, call somebody. Let us know where you are.”

Jamie says she hasn’t got any sleep since her husband left and that her whole family is sick over the situation and just wants Charles to come home.

“I’ve been trying to keep myself going the best I can for the kids,” Jamie said. “I’ve had a lot of help over the last week between my parents and his parents. Everybody’s been checking in on me, I have an amazing support system, but it’s been hard. It has been. My oldest, she’s taking it extremely hard.”

Jamie urges anyone who may think they saw her husband or anybody who knows of his whereabouts to contact her at (302) 423-0736.

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