DelDOT to replace new ‘Delware Ave.’ sign in Wilmington over misspelling

Photo: Katy Vogel via Facebook

DelDOT officials are replacing a sign they recently erected on I-95 in Wilmington after our own state name was misspelled.

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced they would be replacing the signage, yet again, after social media lit up this week when motorists noticed the Exit 7 signage misspelled Delaware, reading as ‘Delware Ave.’

Transportation officials took to social media to make light of the issue, saying “you may have noticed this sign on your commute recently and… you all passed the test! We were making sure commuters were *aware* of our signage. Now stop texting and taking photos while driving, and pay attention to the road! #ArriveAliveDE (Note: The sign is being replaced 😅).”

It’s not yet known when the sign will be replaced.

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