Delaware Senate President receives COVID-19 vaccine

Delaware Senate President Dave Sokola was among those to be vaccinated on Friday at Mill Creek Fire Hall in Wilmington.

Sen. Sokola’s wife and Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall Long were on-site administering the vaccines when Sen. Sokola says he received a call from the Lt. Governor to come down after it was evident they’d have extra doses following a cancellation from a large healthcare group.

“I am by the way 65,” Sen. Sokola explained. “I know that when Lt. Governor Hall Long calls people, because she gets information that there’s going to be openings, she calls people who she knows are going to be in 1b. And I know others that she’s called by the way, but I won’t tell their names.”

Currently, the State of Delaware is only supposed to be administering vaccinations to those who fall in the 1a phase, which according to their website includes “health care personnel with direct patient contact and care, emergency medical services agencies, and long-term care staff and residents will receive the vaccine first.”

“The reality is they want to use up the shots,” Sen. Sokola said. “I was told when my wife got home later that night that they used all the shots. No first responder did not get a shot. It was by in large a very successful event.”

Sen. Sokola said he has already signed up to be a volunteer to assist with vaccinating in the next phase.

We reached out to the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) to find out what, if any, policy they have when it comes to vaccinating elected officials.

“There is no policy about vaccinating elected officials specifically,” explained Jen Brestel, Chief of Community Relations for DPH. “They are treated as members of the public and would be vaccinated in accordance with phases.”

At the end of the month the State plans to begin the 1b phase for vaccinating which will include senior citizens age 65 and older, as well as those considered front-line essential workers including: police, fire, teachers, child care providers, food processing workers, correctional officers, and postal service, public transit and grocery workers.

Not everyone in the 1b phase will be able to be vaccinated at once due to limited supply of vaccine.

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