Delaware DOC announces inmate death

Dover, DE — The Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) today announced that Michael
Harris, a 40 year-old inmate with chronic health conditions from Sussex Correctional
Institution (SCI), died on Tuesday evening, January 19 at Beebe Hospital from
complications from chronic illnesses, including Asthma, Diabetes, Chronic Pain
Syndrome, and COVID-19.
Harris received a rapid COVID-19 test at SCI on January 10 and tested positive after displaying
symptoms of illness. He was immediately moved to the SCI COVID-19 Treatment Center where
inmate patients receive round-the-clock monitoring and care. On January 13 as his symptoms
progressed Harris was admitted to Beebe Hospital for additional treatment and monitoring. On
January 19 Harris’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he was place on a ventilator.
Harris was pronounced dead by hospital staff at 11:10 p.m. on January 19.
Harris’s body was released to the Delaware Division of Forensic Science to determine cause of
death. Harris, from Dover, DE, has been in and out of DOC custody for the past 23 years. Most
recently, he has been in DOC custody since February, 2020 and was found guilty on December
16, 2020 of Manufacturing/Delivery/Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Controlled
Substance and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. He was sentenced to one year in prison,
followed by one year of Level IV DOC Supervision

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