Dagsboro Tornado 9/11/23 – Meteorological Deep Dive

Updated: [10:15 AM] NWS Mount Holly meteorologists have confirmed that a tornado occurred yesterday afternoon in Sussex County, Delaware near Dagsboro. Complete details will be available later this afternoon. #dewx

Damage looking to be observed as a weak EF-0 Tornado with winds of 80 mph on Adams Road in Dagsboro, DE

Out of surprise to many of residents living east of Dagsboro Delaware yesterday when a quick touchdown of a tornado occurred between Bunting and Piney Neck Road. With the hardest hit area being Adams road. Severe weather wasn’t on the ballet for yesterday but these freak events do happen from time to time when it comes to the microscale details.

Video From Kelly Phillips

A lot of key features played a role when you dig into the microscale levels. Overall weather synoptic pattern did not support the formation of tornadoes overall but the two colliding outflow boundaries did the trick. Similar to what happened several years ago in Ocean City Maryland when a EF-0 rolled through the city. These two boundaries interacting help creates vertical wind shear which is crucial for tornadogensis. When the storm matured with the very saturated surface with high dew points and extremely low cloud bases (LCL’s) was enough the get the mesocyclone spinning and tighten up down near the surface before dissipating a few minutes later. This tornado was only on the ground for about 5 minutes or less with a damage width of only about 100 yards.

Big thank you to everyone who sent us photos, videos and the Sussex County EOC for helping with the survey efforts.

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