Concerns of Insurrection Linger Past Biden Inaugural Event

Alfredo Cuadros


Experts from research group and public policy organization, The Brookings Institution warn that calls for insurrection may go far past the January 20th event.

This week, John Hudak, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow tells the Associated Press, “The way in which Donald Trump supporters are being looked at and talked about by law enforcement is exactly the way that we look at and talk about al-Qaida and ISIS. We’re talking about online chatter. We’re talking about the dark web. We’re talking about efforts to commit violence against the United States and its institutions and to assassinate members of the government. In that sense, there is no difference between the president’s supporters who believe in those types of ideals or lack of ideals, and al-Qaida and ISIS, they are domestic terrorists, and they are not going to hang up their guns and their ammo vests on January 20th.”

With less than a day before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, one of the biggest questions is whether or not the incoming president can deliver on his promise of uniting the nation.

One of the largest challenges for the Biden Administration is promoting unity during an ongoing pandemic and a heavily divided political climate. One that has led to one of the most scrutinized inaugurations yet.

As of January the 19th, federal agencies have announced the deployment of an estimated 25-thousand troops at the nation’s capital along with roadblocks and barricades starting earlier than originally planned.

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