Carney voices opposition for marijuana legalization bill

legalization of recreational marijuana is closer than ever this legislative session, as a bill has advanced out of committee last week. Advocates are pushing for an April legalization date, but there could be one significant road block – a signature from Governor John Carney.

When asked about his stance during his weekly briefing, it was a very brief response.

“It has not changed” when asked by a reporter about his stance, which in the past was against recreational legalization.

This bill would allow for recreational marijuana to be sold while taxing at a 15% rate in the first state. It passed down party lines in a committee last week and now goes to the house and senate for votes.

If the governor were to veto the bill, a 3/5 majority vote would be needed to override the veto. Advocates say that would mean 25 votes in the house and 13 votes in the senate. Proponents of the measure say the state could get an additional 43-million dollars in revenue each year if legalized and taxed at the proposed 15% rate.

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