California man arrested for threatening to kill Supreme Court Justice

Law enforcement officials have arrested a 26-year-old California man for threatening to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh outside of his home yesterday.

According to a complaint obtained by TV Delmarva News, the man identified as Nicholas John Roske allegedly called 911 to report himself for the crime he was about to commit. When officers from the Montgomery County Police Department arrived, they found a gun on him, ammunition, pepper spray, a knife, zip ties, duct tape, and other hostage-related items.

He allegedly also told police he was upset with the May 2 leak of a draft opinion leaning towards an overturn to Roe v. Wade.

A federal judge in Maryland charged Roske with attempted murder. The FBI also raided the man’s home after obtaining an arrest warrant.

Protesters have been at the home of the conservative judge since his address was leaked out, prompting added security and condemnation from President Joe Biden. Republicans have also pointed to a speech made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer in 2020 that Justice Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch “released the whirlwind” and would “pay the price” when the Supreme Court heard a case related to Louisiana’s abortion law.

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