Alleged “fashionista” thief caught on camera stealing alcohol in Ocean City

An Ocean City, Maryland video is trending after video was shared by the owners of a Facebook page of a woman stealing a bottle of alcohol from his store.

The alleged theft occurred on June 7 at the West-O Bottle Shop and Bar in West Ocean City. The video shows a woman putting a bottle of Limon Rumchata into her purse. She then turns around and the video cuts.

“What a peach”, the owner posts on the viral Facebook post. “If anyone knows this fashionista, could you please ask her to return to our shop and pay for that Limon Rumchata?”

The video has been viewed over 60,000 times.

Owner Sara Hambury spoke to TV Delmarva News about the now viral video. She tells us that the individual in the video may be tied to other liquor store thefts around Ocean City, and that multiple police agencies are involved in the investigation. She says that they shared the video so “other family owned businesses won’t suffer”.

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