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Snowfall / Rainfall Outlook Sat-Sun


Been quite some time I’ve had to dust off this map but here we go ladies and gentlemen. North and West of the I-95 Corridor are in the zone for looking at some accumulating snow for this upcoming weekend. Mainly closer to the mountain ranges of the Appalachians. A range of 4 to up to 6 inches are possible through Frederick, Md and Westminster, MD. Mixing is also possible in those areas with temperatures hovering near 32 degrees which can shave some totals off slightly.

Closer to I-95 will be dealing with snow starting off and mixing with rain and ice before changing to all rain towards the overnight hours Saturday. Greatly reducing snowfall totals for them. Extreme northern areas of Delmarva can see up to an inch of snow before melting and changing to all rain.

Those across Central Delmarva, more unneeded rainfall is coming which could lead to some spotty areas of low lying flooding with 1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall.

Winds will not be very bad with this storm but could gust 40-45 MPH along the coastal communities with areas of minor coastal flooding.

This storm will only be a minor inconvenience before the bigger problem arises towards next week with significantly more amounts of rain and higher confidence of a damaging High Wind Event.

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