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Delaware State Police Unveils Historic Legacy of Troop 6: A Century of Service

On April 28, 1923, the Delaware State Police was founded. Initially, there were four stations established in Delaware: Wilmington, New Castle, Dover, and Georgetown. A fifth station was added in 1925 to patrol the western side of Sussex County. In the early 1960s, the need grew for an additional troop to serve Northern New Castle County.  In 1962, the Delaware State Police expanded their footprint onto Kirkwood Highway. The state acquired a two-story brick residence on approximately 3 acres at 3808 Kirkwood Highway to serve as the troop. On May 18, 1963, what was then called Troop 2a opened its doors with three corporals and 12 troopers assigned under Sergeant William J. Warren Jr.  The first commander of Troop 2a was Captain Charles R. Skinner. In 1969, Delaware State Police adopted a new process of numbering troops and renamed the troop as Troop 6.


In 1970, the present-day property adjacent to the New Castle County Workhouse was acquired to build a new facility to support 20th-century law enforcement. The 8,000-square-foot building had two levels and cost approximately $500,000.00. The DSP opened the new facility with an indoor firing range in the basement for troopers to practice with issued firearms. Troop 6, “Prices Corner,” was completed on February 5, 1971. When the new troop opened, it became home to its patrol troopers, detectives, and youth aid officers. Later the same year, Governor Peterson announced dispatchers from the DSP, New Castle County Police, and Wilmington Police had agreed to work together to bring better service to the rapidly growing area. The vision was to provide space in Troop 6 for the dispatchers. By 1973, the DSP converted the indoor firing range to house the Regional Communications Center (RECOM). In 1977, criminal investigation operations were consolidated to Troop 2 “State Road,” and Troop 2 patrol troopers were transferred to Troop 6. This era was significant for Troop 6 and exponentially increased the Troop 6 patrol boundaries. Troop 6 became responsible for patrolling most of New Castle County, north of the C&D Canal.


In the 1980s, approximately 80 troopers were assigned to Troop 6 to patrol the area. To manage the ever-growing calls for service, patrol resources were split between the east and west sides of Interstate 95. In 1982, RECOM personnel were relocated to New Castle County Police Headquarters, and the partnership continues today. With the vacancy of the dispatcher force, the newly established Collision Reconstruction Unit (formerly FAIR Team) filled the space. As divisional needs changed, the Collision Reconstruction Unit was moved, and the space was eventually used as a gym to assist troopers in maintaining health and wellness needs. The 1980s and 1990s saw a significant increase in drug and money seizures on Interstate 95 for Troop 6.  As retail theft increased in the 2010s, a Retail Theft Unit was formed, including four patrol troopers who reported directly to the criminal lieutenant.


The planning phase for replacing Troop 6 began as the building became outdated and insufficient for 21st-century policing. The building that has been a staple of the Kirkwood Highway corridor for over 50 years closed on May 31, 2023. A closing ceremony was held with Colonel Melissa A. Zebley lowering the American Flag and Captain Jeremiah J. Lloyd lowering the Delaware flag for the final time.


“The Troop 6 (1971) building no longer stands,” said Ret. Major Kevin McDerby, who served as a patrol trooper, shift supervisor, and commander at Troop 6.  “What will always survive and live on are the memories and the legacy created by those who had the honor and privilege of serving at Troop 6.”


For the first time in the history of DSP, a troop was temporarily closed for demolition and reconstruction of a new facility in the exact location. Technology in our patrol cars allows our troopers to maintain a presence in the Troop 6 area while leveraging Troop 2 (Newark) and our local law enforcement partners for administrative and prisoner needs. The Delaware State Police is excited to bring a new facility equipped with technology and resources to serve our communities. The new facility is tentatively scheduled to open in Spring 2025.


“Over the history of the Troop, many great leaders have commanded Troop 6, and it is humbling to be provided this opportunity,” said Captain Jeremiah J. Lloyd, Commander of Troop 6. “It is an honor to serve with the men and women of Troop 6 and to have Colonel Zebley’s trust to help design and open a facility that will serve Delawareans and its visitors for the next several decades.”

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