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Cold & Stormier Ringing In The New Year

To most of you this just looks like a bunch of lines on a graph. To me this is a pure (Mwah Chef’s Kiss) for someone who is a fan of cold and stormy going into the New Year. And right now the forecasted teleconnections across the Northern Hemisphere are as good as it gets.

What are teleconnections? Teleconnections are significant relationships or links between weather phenomena at widely separated locations on earth, which typically entail climate patterns that span thousands of miles. Many teleconnection patterns behave like a seesaw, with atmospheric mass/pressure shifting back and forth between two distant locations.

So going forward we have a -AO (Arctic Oscillation) which promotes something known as Cross-Polar Flow bringing colder air from Siberia down into North America.

A -NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) which promotes high latitude blocking across Greenland which helps slows down the jet-stream pattern. This allows storm to deepen and strengthen across the country.

A +PNA (Pacific North-American Oscillation) promotes ridging across the Western US, and on the opposite end brings troughs to the east for storm systems to follow.

And we also throw in a -EPO (Eastern Pacific Oscillation) which works with the PNA to promote ridging in the Eastern Pacific which helps allows cross polar flow down in the Eastern US.

All these together is the ingredients to start bringing up the chances for some snowstorms in the east after the New Year! Not to mention, we have a SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) occuring which will help break down the Polar Vortex and displace cold air southward to the Middle Latitudes. This is the response to what the teleconnections are forecasted to do here in the next few weeks.

If you are fan of cold and stormy weather, this is the pattern for you hands down!

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