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Coastal Storm Possible This Weekend

After a period of very dry and chilly conditions over the weekend and throughout much of this week, we have a potential storm looming towards the weekend. Computer guidance has been hinting at a Miller B type of coastal storm to sweep across the northern tier of the nation and redeveloping a coastal low right off to our east.

“Miller B Nor’easters is a low pressure system first tracks over the Midwest, bringing a swath of rain, sleet or snow to parts of the Plains. This storm generally moves into the Kentucky/Ohio River Valley before it starts to transfer energy to a newly forming low pressure system along the coast of North Carolina and Virginia. From here, the newly redeveloped storm takes a northerly path before making a turn out to sea.”.

Our storm first develops across the Central Plains as a fairly strong system already on Friday before heading into our region on Saturday with rain and breezy conditions. Then the low begins to transfer off the coast of us and begins to redevelop with increasing northeasterly winds. European model ensembles really show a very good cluster of low centers right off the coast of Jersey showing there is a good potential for this to occur. So more than likely, get ready for more wind, rain, and coastal flooding going into the weekend with the new moon ahead.

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