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El Nino Winter Ahead

As we approach closer to the winter months here on Delmarva, we are already looking at the signs ahead for what kind of winter could we have been looking at. The last several years we have been stuck in a La Nina pattern across the Pacific. (colder than normal water temperatures). But this winter we are getting a bigger change. We got a El Nino in place and a decent strength one too.

Right now from the look of the data, we are currently in a moderate strength El Nino. Could go into the strong territory’s during the winter but we shall see as we get closer to December.

Snow lovers last year was extremely disappointed as we pretty much got a “sneeze” of snow which left many of us hungry. Well i have some better news for you based on the climate side of things.

Delmarva usually fairs very well with El Nino winters in the snow department. Going back since the 1940s, the Delmarva region has seen many winters with above average snow. Even recently from 2010 and 2016. Not very cold winters at that but very snowy.

All in all right now, snow lovers should be a bit happier this year. (granted anything was better than last year) A overall super cold winter i highly doubt. Probably end up slight above average for temperatures wise, precipitation should well above average too which leads to better snow chances.

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